Is the largest multi-national hospital chain in Central and Eastern Europe operating over 75 units, including 34 hospitals and over 41 outpatient clinics in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Czech republic Poland Slovakia

Our mission and values

We care for our patients. Everyday. In a better way. Our values are respect, responsibility and teamwork.


We recognize our patients’ individual needs and treat them respectfully. We value each other as colleagues, and everyone’s contribution counts. We listen to each others’ opinion. We appreciate each others’ time and knowledge.

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We take our duties seriously. We complete our tasks on time and on quality. We make decisions and face their consequences. We show leadership and courage in everything we do. We feel accountable to deliver expected results and upon our promises.

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We believe in collaboration and supporting each other. We can only achieve our goals together. We use each other’s skills, knowledge and expertise. We learn from each other and welcome constructive feedback.

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is to become the patients’ first choice, and inspire others to make healthcare in CEE better. We believe, we can make a real difference in five areas:

Improving and unifying the standards of healthcare

We see huge differences in how patients are treated by different doctors, hospitals and countries, for the same disease, leading to variable outcomes. We’re looking to offer a standard high quality service, wherever and whenever our patients find us.

Creating modern infrastructure

We’re heavily investing in equipment and buildings. We are building two new generation hospitals in addition to over 100 other hospitals’ refurbishment projects running in parallel.

Building the best talent

Our people are our biggest asset. We are proud to attract, develop, excite and retain some of the most talented in our industry. PHI Academy’s aim is to develop the best healthcare professionals in CEE, both managers and clinicians.


From procurement to IT, from recruitment to branding, from clinical protocols to reporting, we believe in one way of doing business, The Penta Way. This helps us drive both quality and efficiency, and benefit from economies of scale, scope and skill.


We believe in digitization for safer care, better quality, and efficiency. We’re investing into modern tools like on-line consultations, artificial intelligence (IBM Watson), modern HIS (Hospital Information System), shared ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), automated dashboards, to name just a few.


Is the largest multi-national hospital chain in Central and Eastern Europe operating over 75 units, including 34 hospitals and over 41 outpatient clinics in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Czech republic

Penta Hospitals CZ
6 Hospitals & 8 Alzheimer Home & 1 Outpatient clinics network
2000 employees



EMC Instytut Medyczny
11 hospitals & 20 outpatient clinics
3390 employees



SLOVAKIA ProCare & Svet zdravia 17 hospitals & 13 outpatients clinics
9500 employees



  Wroclaw- Poland April 18, 2020

New MRI system in Wroclaw

  Galanta- Slovakia April 2, 2020

e-Stroke Suite Launched Across Slovakian Stroke Network


Attila Végh

Chairman and CEO

Attila is Chairman and CEO of Penta Hospitals International (PHI), the largest and fastest growing network of hospitals and clinics in Central and Eastern Europe. PHI currently operate over 30 hospitals and 40 clinics, employing over 10,000 staff. Their vision is to improve healthcare in the region by setting a new standard in quality. Prior to his current role, he was CEO at some of the UK's largest academic medical centres in London, Cambridge and Manchester.

He delivered the fastest ever hospital turnaround in the UK. Prior to his CEO roles, he was leading large commercial trans- formation programmes in blue-chip global companies in over 15 countries with McKinsey’s, the world’s leading strategy consultancy. He started his career as a doctor, and has years of experience as an academic researcher and professor.

Ilona Kratochvílová

Board Member of PHI, Chief HR Officer

Ilona is Holding Chief HR Officer of Penta Hospitals International (PHI). Prior to her current position she worked as Head of HR Europe at Office Depot, the market leader in the stationary B2B business, and as HR Director Europe at Analytical Laboratory Services, the number 1 company in the area of chemical analysis.

Ilona has a wealth of experience in the area of European Human Resources, Business Transformation and Organizational Change & Design. She started her career as a teacher, and has years of experience as a HR professional.

Martin Hrežo

Board Member of PHI, Chief Financial Officer

Martin is a CFO and BoD member of Svet zdravia, the largest private general hospital network in Slovakia. He is responsible for financial management of the Group, procurement, operations, investments and insurance companies’ relations. Martin started his career as an auditor in Deloitte, later he worked as a finance manager in Taylor-Wharton Harsco. In VSE (RWE Group) he was responsible for the electricity network construction division’s restructuring. In Deloitte Consulting and Grant Thornton Advisory Martin continued to manage several transformation projects where his focus was on the optimisation of the processes

and organisation structure leading to comprehensive cost optimisation within Slovak and Czech utility industry major players. Martin Hrezo graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava and was awarded the MBA degree at Durham Business School, UK. He is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), member of the International Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Since 2003, Martin is an honorary citizen of Mobile, Alabama for the development of the mutual relationships between Mobile, Alabama and Kosice, Slovakia.

Stefan Herm

Executive Consultant for Healthcare IT

Štefan Herm is a global healthcare IT industry expert. Following his role as Managing Director of GSD, a Berlin-based enterprise IT company which developed and implemented internationally hospitals information systems based on SAP technology, he had executive leadership roles at Siemens, McKesson and Nuance.

He currently works with McKinsey as an external advisor for Healthcare IT and has done consulting in large hospital IT tenders and implementations in the Middle East. He currently works throughout Central and Eastern Europe with Penta Hospitals International, a large private hospital chain, developing and implementing the IT strategy.