Respect is the way how we behave towards people within and outside our company. The way how we treat ourselves, our colleagues, partners and patients regardless of social or other differences.

We respect time

  • We are punctual
  • We plan ahead
  • We answer e-mails and other requests promptly
  • We understand work-life balance is important

We respect knowledge

  • We respect skills and expertise of each individual
  • We appreciate diversity of skills
  • We share the knowledge
  • We trust each other’s capabilities

We respect each others’ opinion and contribution

  • We appreciate different opinions and give space to discuss
  • We believe everyone’s contribution is valuable
  • We address e-mails to the relevant audience only
  • We treat other people like we want to be treated

We respect communication

  • We treat our patients with empathy, humility and patience in every situation
  • We always talk respectfully to our employees and patients
  • We communicate consistently and directly, not behind back
  • We walk the talk


We take our duties seriously. We complete our tasks on time and on quality. We make decisions and face their consequences. We show leadership and courage in everything we do. We feel accountable to deliver expected results and upon our promises.

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We believe in collaboration and supporting each other. We can only achieve our goals together. We use each other’s skills, knowledge and expertise. We learn from each other and welcome constructive feedback.

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