Penta Hospitals CZ

6 Hospitals & 8 Alzheimer Home & 1 Outpatient clinics network

2000 employees

Penta Hospitals Group CZ is building a stable network of hospitals at European standard level covering outpatient specialists care, hospital care, acute care and long-term. The Group owns hospitals in following locations in the Czech Republic: Vrchlabí, Ostrov, Roudnice nad Labem, Rehabilitation Hospital in Prague, Psychiatric Hospital in Písek and operates Hospital in Sokolov. Penta Hospitals Group CZ also owns network of outpatient facilities in Karlovy Vary County and it is a majority owner of Alzheirmer Home Centres of Care (as of 1.7.2020, there are 8 of them). The Group is a part of the international holding Penta Hospitals International which operates more than 30 hospitals and 40 outpatient facilities in Central Europe. Our priority is to provide high-quality and safe healthcare services as a first-choice provider for our patients. Besides our patients, employee satisfaction is an aspect we consider enormously important. Based on this we are working in hard to our HR management policies and providing our doctors and nurses with extensive trainings.

Our long term goal is a responsible approach to patients, employees and the community we do business in.


Nemocnice Vrchlabí

Fügnerova 50, Vrchlabí, 543 01
499 502 352


Nemocnice Sokolov

Slovenská 545, 356 01 Sokolov
734 367 748


Nemocnice Ostrov

U Nemocnice 1161, 363 01 Ostrov
604 774 219


Alzheimer Home


Outpatient clinic

Nemos Ambulance Karlovy Vary

Za Císařským mlýnem 1115/2 
734 640 451

Alzheimer Home




Psychiatrická nemocnice Písek

Vladislavova 490, 397 01 Písek
+420 382 212 940

Alzheimer Home


Alzheimer Home



SLOVAKIA ProCare & Svet zdravia 17 hospitals & 13 outpatient clinics
9500 employees



EMC Instytut Medyczny
11 hospitals & 20 outpatient clinics
3390 employees

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