New MRI system in Wroclaw

In April 2020, a new MRI examination room was opened at the EuroMediCare hospital in Wrocław.

The room was equipped with the latest Siemens Healthineers MAGNETOM Altea system – thus becoming one of the most modern MRI rooms in the Lower Silesia region.

The MRI system is equipped with a 1.5 tesla magnet with a diameter of 70cm. It is packed with a vast array of technological novelties, which significantly reduces patient examination time.

With the BioMatrix technology, the scanner adapts to the individual characteristics of the patient, delivering superior imaging quality and performance – eliminating image artifacts and unwanted variations resulting from anatomy and eliminating handling errors.

MAGNETOM Altea is equipped with a number of functions designed to improve orthopedic diagnostics. It also comes with a package of quiet sequences, making it ideal for pediatric examinations. Moreover, thanks to a wide gantry opening and a load capacity of up to 250 kg, it is able to accommodate patients who are afraid of confined spaces, or bariatric, with significant obesity. With the new MRI system, the room itself has also gone through extensive refurbishing so that the patient can relax comfortably during the examination.


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